Spooky Facts About Halloween

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Halloween has always been in the running for favorite holiday. Especially as of late, people prep all of October for Halloween! Seeing that it is just around the corner, why not share some spooky knowledge about the creepiest Holiday on this part of the Eastern Seaboard… other than Columbus Day that is.

1. Halloween is originally a Celtic tradition. 2,000 years ago in Ireland, it was known as “Samhain”, and this time represented the end of the fall harvest.

2. The first jack-o-lanterns were actually carved from turnips, not pumpkins.

3. Americans might spend up to $9 billion dollars on Halloween items. Now that is terrifying. It is actually the second largest retail holiday after Christmas.

4. Trick or Treaters used to have to dance for their treats. It was a European tradition known as mumming or guysing.

5. Halloween actually used to be an adult holiday, and far more dangerous than the innocent, candy-filled holiday it is now. In the early 50’s, Halloween was a night when vandalism ran rampant in the streets.

6. In the early days, to stave off all of that vandalism, people started to hand out candy to stop all of the holiday nonsense.

Halloween is a holiday representative of so much more than just candy! It is a time when people become their most creative, with costumes and haunting stories. Boo!

Author: Haley DePass

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