Superfoods That Will Enhance Your Athletic Performance

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You can have all of the protein powders and enhancing pills, but the best substance your body needs to increase your athletic performance are superfoods. While taking supplements can do the body good, there is something about a natural diet that works just as well and here are the best superfoods your body can have.

Chia Seeds:
Originating from Mexico these seeds are packed with fiber, protein, and antioxidants. Giving your body a healthy performance boost it needs. The seeds are also great for soaking up liquids, keeping you hydrated for as long as possible. Try putting some crunchy seeds in your yogurt or smoothies to start your day off the day off right.

Green Tea:
Drinking a cup of tea has always been a healthier alternative to coffee. However, for those who aren’t looking for a caffeine fix, green tea has many other health benefits. Besides the antioxidants and cancer-fighting ingredients, green tea features an ingredient called catechin which boosts metabolism helping you burn fat.

Instead of just making one cup of green tea at a time, make a pitcher of iced green tea store in your fridge. The tea makes an easy alternative option to sugary soda or juices.

Plan on doing an intense workout? Then you might want to grab yourself some watercress. Research shows that leafy green is the most nutrient-dense food. Not only is it nutrient-dense, but athletes who eat watercress before their workout are more likely to experience less damage caused by free radicals.

Treat the greens like you would spinach leaves and throw them on a sandwich or salad. You can also mix them into your smoothies or eat them as a sauteed side dish.

See what other superfoods made the list in the video above.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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