Take An Eco-Tourism Trip With The New Netflix Series ‘Down to Earth with Zac Efron’

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Netflix just released one of the best docu-series to date featuring actor Zac Efron and wellness expert Darin Olien that embark on an eco-tourism trip in “Down to Earth with Zac Efron.” This show takes the Netflix audience on a trip around the world to different countries that celebrate nature and cultures that live with alternative, sustainable lifestyles.

This show started as a friendship that blossomed over a healthy lifestyle when Zac Efron reached out to Darin Olien after listening to his podcast and wanted to learn more about living a healthy lifestyle. Eventually, the duo landed the docu-series with Netflix to create an eco-tourism travel show that explores all realms of sustainable living including energy, water, architecture, sourcing food, and alternative living communities.

This series will open your eye about sustainable living and learning how simple things we do every day can negatively affect our health and lifestyle. Efron and Olien explore places including Iceland, France, Costa Rica, Sardinia, Lima, Puerto Rico, London, and Iquitos.

Every location showcases how each country utilizes natural resources to create a more eco-friendly culture and reduce the carbon footprint of their nation. This series will teach you more about the natural resource of each country and give you a better look at eco-tourism that is less explored.

The Iceland episode offers a unique insight into utilizing hydro and geothermal energy that is unique to the waterfalls and volcanoes found in the area. The show offers a unique view of green energy in a country that harnesses multiple natural resources for supplying power.

This series will also teach you more about living a healthy lifestyle addressing simple issues such as our drinking water. Not many people know but filtered water isn’t the best water because it filters out vital minerals that the body gets from water. You’ll truly be second-guessing and thinking twice the next time you get water.

No travel show is complete without food and there are a ton of unique foodie moments for meat-eaters and vegans alike. Efron usually has dishes with meat while Olien opts for vegan options, being a foodie show for all dietary choices.

This show will teach you more about being eco-friendly in beautiful locations around the world along with a wealth of wellness knowledge.

Author: Chaz Page

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