Top Employers For New College Graduates


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With many college grads preparing themselves to enter the workforce for the first time the idea of looking for the right employer can be scary. Thankfully, we’ve narrowed down a list of employers that might perfect for any graduate getting ready to leave school.

The unemployment rate is at a new 50-year low, but that doesn’t mean it’s been any easier for people to find jobs. However, for the more tech-savvy of the person finding software engineering and computer-focused jobs are in high demand. According to LinkedIn, more than 40,000 entry-level roles in the software engineering field are open in the U.S.

If that’s the career choice you and/or your college graduate is interested in then look no further than at jobs like Amazon, Google, Apple Inc., and Microsoft. Last year alone, Amazon hired twice as many grads than they did in 2017.

“The most popular jobs for graduates cover a wide range of functions, showing the variety of entry-level positions available to students with various backgrounds and interests,” Rachel Bowley, a data scientist at LinkedIn stated. “So regardless of what path you may pursue, or what your ideal career may rest assured that there are options.”

Author: Brittany Jones

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