When To End A Long Distance Relationship

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Long distance relationships are some of the most challenging relationships to be in. It can be really rewarding for a lot of couples, however it can be really strenuous for many couples. Long distance relationships always begin with hope that your love is strong enough to bridge the divide of your physical proximity. So, no doubt long distance relationships will be hard, even if it’s a great relationship, but when is it time to end your LDR? Well here are a few signs:

1. You or your partner begins to make excuses as to why the communication has begun to lack.

2. The way you text or talk to one another on the phone has become different. You probably know your partner well enough to know how they sound over text or on the phone, and when that normal behavior starts to change.

3. They are never around when you want to talk to them. You can’t get a hold of them, no matter what time you’ve attempted to contact them.

4. You have stopped scheduling time to see them and vice versa. This could be the biggest indicator that things are going south. The effort to see one another is one of the biggest things that keeps a relationship going.

Author: Haley DePass

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