Yoga Poses For Stress And Anxiety

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We all experience stress from time to time, and those feelings can manifest themselves in different ways in our body. Many times, stress can cause tightness, pain and other physical symptoms in our bodies. Exercise in general is a proven tool to combat the effects of stress, but it’s also important to slow down and incorporate some healing postures and stretches into your routine. Try some of these poses next time your feeling on the anxious side.

Sukhasana with Forward Bend

Easy pose, or sukhasana, is a seated, cross-legged position. The forward bend helps you to focus on the exhale, releasing stress and tension. Sit with one shin in front of the other for five breaths, and then switch.

Uttanasana with Shoulder Opener

Uttanasana, or forward bend, focuses us inward, increasing exhalation and bringing the breath front and center. The shoulder opener helps release shoulder tension, which is very common during periods of stress.

Side Stretch

To release tension in the head neck and shoulders, place one hand on the ground and stretch the other up and over your head. Look up for an extra heart opener.

Halasana (Plow Pose)

This is a fantastic stretch for your neck, shoulders and lower back. This pose once again turns the focus inward, and heightens the sense of exhalation.

Author: Lauren Staehle

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