6 Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra!

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So many women are wearing the incorrect bra size. Want to be sure you’re wearing the correct one? Let this video be your ultimate guide to finding a bra that fits. Plus, check the section below for information on the bras featured in the video!

Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra

#1 – Accept That You’re Probably Wearing The Wrong Size
Over 80% of women are wearing the wrong bra size so you should probably come to terms with the fact that you are probably one of them. We know it’s awkward but just bite the bullet, go into a store and have your bust professionally measured, we promise you’ll thank yourself for it later!
#2 – Make Use of Proper Strap Adjustment
Proper strap placement and adjustment are huge parts of getting a bra to fit correctly. Also, ensure that your bra straps are taught without digging into your skin!
#3 – Always Start on the Loosest Hooks
When hooking your bra, always start at either the middle or end (loosest) hook. This is to ensure that when your bra band stretches, which it will, that it actually has some place to go.
#4 – Make Sure the Center of the Bra Sits FlatThe center portion of your bra, often referred to as the center gore, should always sit flush and flat against your skin. If there is a gap between the fabric and your skin then you need a different size!
#5 – Ensure The Bra Band Passes the 2 Finger Test
You should never be able to fit more than two fingers underneath your bra band. If you can, that means the band it not supporting you enough and you need a bra with a smaller band measurement.
#6 – Always Test Out a Bunch of Different Designs
Take the time to try out different style bras; underwire, non-underwire, strapless, racerback, front closure, etc. Trust us, it takes a little effort to find the right bra style for you, but once you do it is a truly heavenly experience.

Featured Bras

Nude Bra – Chantelle Parisian Demi Tshirt bra in Suede

Purple Bra – Chantelle Festivite Plunge Bra

White Bralette – Passionata ‘Dream’ Racerback Wireless Plunge Bra

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