Bella Breakdown: Our Favorite Stories Of The Week

You know what show I’ve really gotten into lately? ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.’ Besides the fact that it’s bloody hilarious, it’s also a very true-to-life depiction of life for women in late 50s New York. I’m no stand-up historian, but I’m hard pressed to remember many female comedians from around that time. Maybe Mary Livingston on the Jack Benny program, though she was before the 50s, and that was more general witticisms than regular stand-up.

Miriam Maisel’s a compelling character. She has this powerful desire to make her own way and express herself, but she’s also had many mannerisms drilled into her by her parents that run counter to that. And she doesn’t hate being a housewife or a mother; she loves her family dearly (she wouldn’t put up with them if she didn’t), but she’s also a strong enough person to want to thrive in both her own realm and the realm of her family.

It’s a really great series, especially if you have any family in or around New York. It’s streaming on Amazon Prime Video, so if you have that, give it a try.

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