Game Of Thrones And Gossip Girl Fun Facts

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Cosmopolitan is here to remind us of a few things about a couple of our favorite TV shows. In this video, we get a nudge at a hot star on Game Of Thrones, Wilf Scolding. He made is debut during the season seven finale and fans everywhere haven’t been the same since. The show is jam packed with attractive stars, and he fits the bill as the latest and hottest one. Off screen, he is just as cute. He is a chef and animal lover…what more could you ask for?!

But, Cosmo doesn’t just leave us hanging with the latest on Game Of Thrones…we are also introduced to some fun facts about Gossip Girl that we didn’t know about!

So, for all you Gossip Girl fans…here are some fun facts:
-Blake Lively was actually about to enroll in school when she was offered her infamous role on Gossip Girl. Thank goodness for that!
-Characters Chuck and Nate were actually roommates in real life!
-Don’t listen to the tabloids…there wasn’t any beef between Leighton and Blake during the show.

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