Our Favorite Moments From The Oscars!

Behind-The-Scenes Moments

What’s better than watching your favorite celebrity win an Oscar? Listening to a little bit more of a personal acceptance speech, when the bright lights are off and the reality of the win has set in. That is exactly the kind of emotion we get in this Oscars-themed video.

One of the most watched moments may have been the standing ovation Frances McDormand got when she asked all the female nominees to stand up with her. What a truly emotional moment, and one that definitely made for solid TV. But, even with sublime acceptance speeches, most of us still wonder what it must be like once the Oscar win really sets in.

Thanks to a “thank you camera,” we are able to hear what some of the winners have to say about winning an Oscar. Guillermo del Toro took home two on Sunday night, one for Best Director and another for Best Film. Gary Oldman came out on top, winning Best Actor for his role in Darkest Hour. Both men share a much more personal interview with the thank you camera, and we get to see a more personal side.

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