Tips For Starting 2018 Off With A Bang

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2018 has arrived and with that comes the opportunity for a fresh start. If making a New Year’s resolution is something you are doing to help make positive changes in your life, there are ways to help you succeed. No matter what your resolution is, sticking with it past February is often the challenge many people face. Whether you are trying to lose weight, quit smoking, or declutter your home, here are some ways that you can achieve your goal without giving up.

Find a way to make yourself be accountable. For many of us, having some type of way to check in to show your progress is a great way to keep you going. When I decided to get fit six months ago, after being stagnant for over four years, I signed up with an accountability group on social media. Somehow for me, having to check in every day to tell whether or not I worked out was incredibly motivating. All of the people in my accountability group are strangers, but on the days when I really do not feel like working out, knowing I have to say yes or no to having worked out really makes me think twice about giving up.

Ask for help. If you are trying to kick a bad habit, there is no shame in asking for help. Many of the bad things that people are trying to give up, such as smoking, are so difficult to quit that it might feel impossible without help.

Write out your goals in a positive way. It has been shown that writing out your goals and posting them somewhere where you can see them each day will make it more likely that you will achieve them. So, write out a list of what you WILL accomplish and hang it on the bathroom mirror. Read your goals to yourself each morning and visualize what you will do to make it happen. Your positive thoughts will become positive actions.

Keep trying. If you fall off the proverbial wagon, don’t let that get you down. Jump back on that horse and keep going for it. Remind yourself of why you decided to do something better for yourself and remember that you are worth it.

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