A Diet As Unique As You

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The saying, “no two people are the same” is not so much a cliché, as it is a fact of life. Sure people are similar in some ways, but ultimately our mental and physical makeups create major differences in our overall abilities. This is very true when it comes to diet and nutrition. Two people on the same diet plan could very likely have two drastically different results. One person could drop a significant amount of weight, where the other could totally plateau.

It’s important to note that our personalities could have a very large effect on what kind of diet is right for us. There is a new book called, “The Archetype Diet”, that details what type of diet is right for you based upon your personality. Author, Dana James details four different types of personalities and the diets that work for them.

1. The Nurturer
This is the person that always wants to take care of the people around them. These are likely people who are emotional eaters. It’s important they stay away from bad carbohydrates because they likely have higher insulin levels which stores fat.

2. The Superwoman/Superman
You know these people as the ones that are always on the go, grabbing food and snacks wherever and whenever they can find it. It’s important these people trade in the easy carbs for solid proteins that will keep them full throughout their busy day.

3. The Femme Fatale
These are they people that are extremely driven by physical appearance. They majorly cut their food intakes, specifically carbs and fats. It’s important to add in fruits, starches, and proteins.

4. The Ethereal
This is the type of person who is quite thin and has difficultly gaining weight. It’s important to implement complex carbohydrates into their diets to gain weight in a healthy manner.

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