A Lawsuit Is Filed Against LaCroix

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Wipe that fizzy hint of a hint of grapefruit soda water off of your face! Your favorite flavored soda water is being sued. That’s right, LaCroix, one of the most popular drink phenomenas to have happened in the past couple of years is being sued for their use of the word ‘natural’ in advertising their product.

The lawsuit is claiming that the popular sparkling water contains harsh, cancer causing chemicals such as limonene and linalool. A nutritional scientist, however, states that the amount in which these chemicals are used are in a safe amount. He also states that these particular compounds are found in natural fruits such as pineapples, limes, strawberries, and bananas.

It seems as though this lawsuit is a bit of a reach. However, a jury will have to determine whether or not they believe that this product does in fact utilize natural products. LaCroix parent company, National Beverage, assures that this products ingredients come from essence oils derived from natural fruits.

LaCroix fans everywhere are hoping that this is simply just slander and that their beloved LaCroix will not negatively suffer from this La Suit…. bad joke. We’re rooting for you LaCroix. We hope you are indeed, el natural.

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