Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Bella Breakdown

Breaking up with someone, or getting dumped is a full range of terrible emotions. It’s sad, it’s awkward, painful, and can even be really anger-filled. Breaking up today, in 2018 specifically, may leave you feeling like you can never quite get away from that person.

More often than not, when you’ve gotten into a relationship with someone you have added them on some, if not all, forms of social media. That means, if you don’t go completely dark on them after the breakup, you’re probably seeing every update they have on a constant basis. That can be really hard to deal with, especially if they get into another relationship right away. So, what’s the best way to break up with someone today?

1. Delete, delete, delete.
2. Seriously, delete them off of everything. Block them. Do what you need to do to not see them.
3. Get rid of the pictures.
4. At least off of social media. Have it backed up on your computer, but get rid of it from your social.
5. Don’t share passwords.
6. Especially for Netflix. Create new accounts, and forget passwords.
7. Stop the stalking.
8. You have to stop obsessively stalking your ex’s profile. It does you no good. If that means you getting off the grid and deleting your social, so be it.

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