Chunky Sneakers? Fashion Faux-Pas Or Top Trending Shoe?

Bella Breakdown

Feeling nostalgic? Well, you are in luck because the ‘90s are making a comeback style-wise. It started this year with fanny packs and bum bags, but now chunky sneakers are back and better than ever. So whether it is the Adidas Falcon or some throwback Nike Airs, these chunky sneakers are all over the place this season.

The thing about these “dad shoes” is that some people are not sold on these kicks quite yet because they are unconventional and not sleek. Chunky sneakers, however, take the athleisure game to the next level. Besides the clear comfort, they are all over the streets.

It is no longer lame to be on the go in between work wearing your nice trousers and in your sneakers. Finally, a trend that promotes comfort more than anything. These are making a super unique splash in fashion right now. They are not meant to be paired with just one look, but rather any look.

Typically, the first styling thought for sneakers is obviously gym clothes. What better way to wear athleisure shoes than with athleisure clothes? So use your favorite Fabletics leggings and pair them with some chunky sneakers.

Some other popular looks with chunky sneakers include dresses of different lengths, power suits, shorts, and mini skirts. Basically, this means that almost any look can be completed with a pair of chunky sneakers.

Not only are the typical sports brands making these, but major fashion designers are getting involved. Some great brands to try are Calvin Klein, Stella McCartney, and Dolce & Gabbana. There are tons of options on the market right now, so go out now and get the most unique pair for you!

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