Escape The Friend Zone This Winter

Bella Breakdown

You may not be able to escape the cold this winter, but at least you you’ve got a shot at escaping the friend-zone. Whether you’re a male or female, the friend zone is not the most charming place to be, especially if you have strong feelings for the person who has zoned you. Sometimes there is just no way around it; the person just simply wants your friendship. Other times, it’s kind of nice…no expectations, just pure friendship. But, we have hope for all the those currently in the zone out there, and we want to help.

If you’ve found yourself in the friend zone, here are some tips on how to safely and healthily remove yourself:
1. Take a step back: Often times in relationships we are excited about, we tend to crowd people. Sometimes taking a step back and taking a breather will allow both parties to make clear and rational decisions about the friendship or relationship.
2. Have a real conversation: Give it to him or her straight: this is how I feel, how do you feel about that? Though it can be scary, don’t allow your fear of rejection keep you from having this conversation. The outcome will be the truth…which is always better than having a lack of clarity.
3. See other people: If you two are friends, it’s okay to see other people. It will either make you realize your feelings for him or her are very strong, or maybe you find someone who won’t want to friend zone you!
4. Focus on YOU: Focus on the changes or improvements you need to make in your own life before you start getting uber focused on someone else.

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