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There are a good number of people who would argue that food and their phone are in the top ten most important things in their lives. Slap the word, “free”, in front of either of those things and you’ve got yourself some happy people. Now, what if I told you that with just the download of an app to your smartphone you are really just a few clicks away from free food at some of your favorite places! No, I’m dead serious.

A handful of your favorite restaurants are giving away free food when you download their app to your phone. Here are the 4 restaurants you should be hitting up, well, as soon as possible.

1. 7-Eleven
Once you download the 7-Eleven app and sign up for their rewards program, you automatically win yourself a free coffee, donut, taquito, or big gulp. You also land yourself free items the more you purchase at the store!

2. Panera
Downloading the MyPanera app will land you a free pastry right out of the gate! Keep using your rewards card so that you can get free entrees as well.

3. Wendy’s
When you download the Wendy’s app, you can get a free burger or chicken tenders with any purchase. So be sure to bring along a friend!

4. Krispy Kreme
Who doesn’t love free donuts? Download the Krispy Kreme app and use it at any store to receive a free donut.

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