Get Creative With Halloween Makeup

Bella Breakdown

Halloween costumes are no longer the simple charade they used to be. No longer will you be buying weird little makeup palettes from the drug store for your Vampire or Witch costumes. The makeup game has completely changed within the past few years, and this is especially true when it comes to Halloween. There are so many tutorials that can give you ideas for all sorts of creepy, sexy, scary, or hilarious costumes.

Check out makeup artists on Youtube or Instagram. They usually give you every single item and tool you need to create an amazing costume. A lot of makeup artists even do full body makeup. They break down the steps in such a way that pretty much anyone can follow the directions. Now, some videos may be time lapsed, so don’t be surprised if some of these looks take you hours to complete, and probably hours to remove too.

Despite being long, these awesome makeup looks will definitely make you the talk of any Halloween get together. People will be jealous of that crazy Dia de los Muertos makeup, or your mermaid look. The pictures alone will be so amazing, you’ll wish it was Halloween every day.

Check out the videos above for some inspiration, including some awesome beauty makeup tutorials.

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