Unique Ways To Wrap A Gift In The Finest Festive Fashion

Bella Breakdown

The presentation of a present is just as important as giving the perfect gift but you don’t have to be Martha Stewart to be a perfect present wrapper. These unique yet simple wrapping tips will leave the bottom of your Christmas tree looking picture perfect.

Reusable Shopping Bags
Instead of using a simple paper bag, you can use a reusable shopping bag for bigger or multiple presents. This is an instant upgrade from the traditional gift bag that can be reused multiple times and even tote all your presents.

Wrapped Present With A Pocket Fold
There’s more than one way to wrap a present and using a unique fold will have people guessing your presents were wrapped at guest services. One unique wrapping technique creates a pocket for a card or gift card simply by creating some additional folds.

Wrapping A Present With Ribbon For Bag Handle
Another unique alternative to using a gift bag by utilizing excess wrapping paper and ribbon. Wrap the present normally with excess paper, then wrap the present normally with the excess on one side of the present, lay the ribbon along the excess edge, roll the ribbon in the excess paper towards the package, fold the ribbon against the side of the present, and join the two ends of the tied ribbon for the handle.

Author: Chaz Page

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