Simple Ways To Make The Most Out Of A Small Space

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Do you have a cluttered small space? Well look no further, we break down some simple hacks to utilizing your small space the best.

To start, look over your area and see what you can improve through some simple upgrades. For example, if you have a mounted soap dish or toothbrush holder that you rarely use you might want to consider replacing the wall fixtures with a shelf.

Start by removing the wall fixtures and it’s best to keep all the parts of the fixture including the screws in case you need to replace them again down the road (especially if you’re renting or leasing). Installing the shelf is as simple as measuring, leveling, and screwing the shelf into place.

If you have an exposed under-sink area you can get small corner organizing shelves for each side of the sink. Along with adding more storage to your bathroom, this can also provide a new decor accent for your bathroom.

Work Space
If your home office is looking crowd, these simple solutions will give you more space. You can use a small rug to break up space and create the illusion of a bigger space. Use a desk that adds vertical storage such as a ladder desk that saves space and included additional shelving.

Using a light color scheme since darker colors appear to clutter smaller spaces. Staying true to using a light color scheme it’s recommended to have a light-colored or clear chair, this helps reduce visual clutter. You can also use decorative baskets and hanging organizers for additional storage.

To keep your workspace from getting cluttered minimize the items on your desk only keeping everything you use regularly and choose a lamp that can help save space. It’s recommended that you choose a lamp that can adjust in color and brightness.

The closet is easily prone to clutter but it comes down to three organization tips – more hanging space, division of space, and accessory storage. Using a double hang closet rod all you need to do is just hang it off your current closet rod that will double your hanging space.

Velvet hangers are great for preventing your garments from slipping off the hanger and they are also smaller than traditional hangers. Use a hidden accessory organizer that is offered in an easy to install option that you can hang off your door. For shoes and bags, you can use washable baskets so they’re easy to clean when needed.

Shelf dividers can be helpful for organizing folded clothes and to organize sections for your clothing rack you can use size dividers to label sections based on the garment. For additional hanging space, you can use a shelf bracket or utensil rod that you can screw into the back of your closet door.

Additional Storage Options
You can utilize additional storage space with an over-the-door hanging organizer with baskets that can adjust as you need. They also offer over-the-door storage hooks to easily hang additional items. You can use a storage ottoman that doubles as seating and storage.

You can utilize your space under the bed with a rolling bed frame to store out-of-season clothing pieces. Another option for under-the-bed storage is clear zipper bags that keep your stuff dust-free. For vertical storage, install some shelves and use furniture that includes additional shelves.

Author: Dirk Lawson

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