Getting Over Your Broken Heart

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Breakup Season may not be here until the end of the year (yes, that’s actually a thing) so it’s best to prepare yourself for the worst with these tips on how to deal with heartbreak.

Or, you could be like me and still need to get over that ex from six months ago.

Either way, here are the best ways to mend your broken heart. Oh, and fun fact: you can actually die from a broken heart. So let’s avoid the worst and get to the list.

1. Love Yourself Before You Love Someone Else
Some people believe the key to happiness is another person. But how can you fully commit to a significant other if you haven’t yet taken care of yourself? Use any breakup as an opportunity to get to know yourself better, and more importantly, learn to love yourself. You should never rely on another person for happiness, and in desperate times like breakups, you need yourself more than ever.

2. Fight To Get Back On Your Feet
No, don’t go fighting for that guy or girl who just dumped you. Fight to reclaim the love you gave to your significant other. Remember, it’s not about how you fall down, but what matters is how you pick yourself back up. Bring out new strengths you never knew you had by pushing forward through the hardship. Know that the pain you may be feeling will make you a stronger person in the long run.

3. Give Yourself Time to Heal
The infamous “rebound” is usually paired with another similar “r-word” called “regret.” Be solitary for a while, enjoy being single, and take advantage of it. There’s no better time to explore yourself and the world around you than when you’re fresh out of a relationship.

4. Reconnect With Your Friends
Sometimes, we become reliant on our boy/girl friends and forget that we have an entire support system of friends around us that only wish the best for us. Reconnect with those important people to build an even stronger bond, because friends are forever. They’re here to get us through the tough times.

5. Don’t Relapse!
Whenever you think about drunk texting/calling the person who broke your heart, grab a tub of ice cream instead. Trust me, works every time.

So go, take these 5 tips, and make yourself a better person; your significant other may not have been able to see the best in you, but I certainly do, and I know you are worth a lot more than an overdrawn heartbreak.

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