How The Ghosts Of Your Past Impacts Your Relationships

Bella Breakdown

In an ideal world we would be in one relationship that was perfect, forever, and never risk our souls and hearts being damaged by another human being. Alas, that is an ideal world and unfortunately not the world of love and heartbreak we live in. Everyone you meet comes with a little bit of baggage, or a lot of baggage unfortunately, but it is how we unpack that baggage that determines how we will act in the next relationship. So, what are the signs that you are letting your past relationships baggage affect your new relationship?

1. All of your relationships seem to be the same. You keep finding yourself attracted to the same kind of people. This shows you haven’t worked through your past issues.

2. You can’t enjoy certain things because they remind you of times with your ex.

3. You lack the ability to communicate when things are bothering you, or your current partner has upset you. This is likely due to the fact that when you have done so in a previous relationship, the result ended poorly.

4. You go into it with the mindset, “guilty until proven innocent”. You might find yourself insecure and jealous, because you have been wronged in the past.

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