How To Do A Textured Ponytail

Bella Breakdown

It is time to stop using the ponytail as a lazy day go to. Pulling your hair out of your face doesn’t have to be a fashionless statement. If you style your pony correctly, it can turn from an after-workout look to a high fashion, take on the town look. Follow these steps to make your ponytail textured and ready for anything:

1. Curl your hair for texture while your hair is still down into loose, beachy curls.

2. Spray hairspray on your brush in order to keep your ponytail tight and neat.

3. Brush the top part of your hair into a pony. Make sure you don’t brush below where the ponytail holder will go.

4. Tie your pony. You can also add a thicker clasp or big scrunchie for extra sass and fun.

5. Loosen some strands right above the ponytail holder to give your hair height and texture on top.

6. Finish with some hairspray.

Hint: This style doesn’t work as well if you do it right after you have washed your hair. Try this style when your hair hasn’t been washed in a day or so, because then your hair will be more grippy and more likely to hold a curl.

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