Is Your Partner Emotionally Available?

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You might have heard this term a lot, “emotional availability” in regards to being in a relationship with someone. There are a number of problems that can occur if you are with someone who is not emotionally available.

Emotionally unavailable people are likely to be the kind of people who cannot give you what you want emotionally. So, how can you tell if your partner is emotionally unavailable?

1. Feelings
They have a lot of trouble telling you how they feel. Sure, it is difficult to put your heart on the line with someone. However, even if you know you’ve told your partner how strong your feelings are for them, they will never be able to fully say it back. This can be really damaging.

2. Affection
Emotionally unavailable people might not be able to properly give or receive affection. They are uncomfortable when it’s given, or they have trouble giving it to you. For a lot of people, it leaves them wondering what’s wrong with them.

3. They Avoid
Any talk of feelings or any sign of conflict, emotionally unavailable people tend to avoid. They cannot handle it. When you try to bring it up they might change the subject or just laugh it off. This can leave you thinking that somehow your feelings are invalidated.

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