Making A Good First Impression

Bella Breakdown

First impressions really do matter. Whether you are going on a date, or you are at a job interview, first impressions can really stick around. So what about you are people noticing that create a first impression of you for them? For one, they might notice whether or not you are wearing popular labels. This could be your handbag, shoes, or clothing. People might tend to think you are wealthier if you are rocking some high end accessories.

Smiling at people when you first meet them, actually makes you seem more trustworthy. Apparently people deem you trustworthy within a tenth of a second, which seems a little hasty, but okay Harvard. For men, bald actually comes off as dominant. Now to clarify, bald, fully bald comes off as dominant, not balding unfortunately. So if the hairs are going, maybe just shave it all off? You could manifest the appearance of a boss?

You might be one of those people who just comes off completely misunderstood. The thought of going on dates, or going to job interviews gives you hive because you know you have a tendency to maybe not come off so great. It’s okay though! Just remember to smile, and at least feign some confidence in your body language.

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