Netflix Hits The Big Screen

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Netflix has yet another big announcement. The streaming service that goes straight to you television, phone, computer, and other streaming device will be hitting the big screen. Is it still considered streaming if it’s at the movies? Netflix has three movies set to release in a limited number of theaters before it actually goes to the online website.

“Bird Box” starring Sandra Bullock, Sarah Paulson, and John Malkovich, is coming out on November 12th. This film is an apocalyptic thriller, that consists of alien like entities coming and playing on the fears of human beings causing mass hysteria and death. The film looks like an absolute roller coaster of thrills.

“Roma” is set to release on December 14th. It details a year in the life of a middle class family in Mexico city. The trailer is beautiful and intriguing, detailing revolution, love, and family. The film is directed by Alfonso Cuaron, the academy award winning director of “Gravity”.

“The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” directed by Joel and Ethan Cohen is an homage to classic westerns, starring Tim Blake Nelson, James Franco, and Liam Neeson. The Cohen brothers show that they can do what they’ve always done best, and that is high intensity, yet comedic, Westerns.

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