Pregnancy Brain Is A Real Thing…Here’s What It Means

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Calling all ladies who have experienced a little, well, forgetfulness during pregnancy…you are not alone, and whatever slipped your mind is part of a much bigger thing. The verdict is out, and it’s now scientifically proven that pregnancy brain is a real thing. Deacon University in Australia conducted a study published in the Medical Journal of Australia to find out just how many women experience this phenomenon dubbed, “Momnesia.” The poll was conducted with 1000 women, and the results concluded that 4 in 5 experience pregnancy brain. So what exactly does this entail?

Pregnancy brain comes in many different forms. It can be as simple as being more forgetful, or having trouble concentrating or reading. It is most common for pregnant women during the 3rd trimester. Associate Professor, Linda Burn, says that ‘baby brain’ is a real and measurable thing.

“It was certainly thought of as being a myth, which diminishes a woman’s experience of what she’s going through,” Burn says. Really what we are saying here is it may be time to cut pregnancy women some slack…they’re only creating a human life in their belly, after all.

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