Scrumbo Fashion… What Is It?

Bella Breakdown

Actor/Comedian and fiancee to Ariana Grande, Pete Davidson, has started this new fashion trend. The new style is attracting a lot of male celebrities, with women taking on the new style as well. Scumbro is a streetwear and luxury brand trend that has blasted off.

It’s basically trying to look casual and almost lazy, but the items worn are expensive. Things like Gucci slides, designer T-shirts, hoodies, expensive hats, and baseball shorts. It is basically very expensive athleisure wear and we like to think of it as everyday chic.

It’s like putting caviar on your pizza, incorporating streetwear style with a dash of luxury. People sporting the scumbro style could be seen wearing something like Reebok shorts but a $1300 Gucci sweatshirt. Or crocs paired with Supreme clothing.

Though Pete Davidson started this trend, now tons of celebrities, not just men… have been seen in this trend to! This trend is emerging everywhere and seems to be a big hit for everyone because no matter what you can look comfy and stylish, in your own way. If you want to go for that I just threw on my clothes but still look cool, this is a trend you should try out.

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