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Selfies are not uncommon, by any means. Most of us are guilty of taking multiple selfies, and attempting to get as creative as humanly possible. Some people get a little too creative though. They really take, “doing it for the ‘gram” to another level. Precisely 259 people have died since 2011 taking a selfie. 72% of those deaths have occurred to young men in their 30’s and have primarily taken place in Russia, India, the U.S. and Pakistan.

Now, what is it about these selfies that have caused the death of the selfie-takers in question? A lot of the individuals who have died from taking selfies attempt to get pictures of themselves in really dangerous situations.

Many of these people take pictures from extremely high places where they’re obviously holding onto something with only one hand. One guy actually died because rather than running, he tried to take a selfie of a bear who was running to attack him, and ended up getting mauled by a bear.

It is weird to see pictures of individuals just seconds before they died. You have to wonder, is it really that important to get a picture than pay attention to what you’re doing. The top three selfie-related deaths have come from falling, drowning, and getting hit by a vehicle. Because that’s right, instead of driving and looking at the road, you’re too busy taking that selfie. Trust me people, your face is a lot prettier in a picture when you’re still living!

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