Taylor Swift Ends Backup Dancer’s Career

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Taylor Swift is definitely saying “Look What You Made Me Do” now.

After a slew of sexist posts popped up on backup dancer Toshi’s Instagram page, TayTay Swift-ly fired the crew member who had been with her on tour since the 1989 album released back in 2014.

Toshi quickly turned his Instagram page private, but not before he could get in the last word by saying “If you can’t take a joke, this page isn’t for you.”

But just like everyone who wrongs Taylor, his Reputation is about to go down the drain.

Tay and Toshi were reportedly friends before the incident, but DailyMail reported that the Grammy-Winning artist “simply cannot endorse this behavior and to do so would be setting a bad example to her fans.”

I don’t think Swift will have any issue finding a new replacement for her stadium tour promoting her latest album. As for Toshi, hopefully he learned his lesson. And ultimately, props to Taylor for sticking up for what she believes is right. No one should tolerate sexism in this day and age. It’s 2018.

I guess Taylor was right… “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”

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