What To Do With Those Old Clothes

Bella Breakdown

You might look into your closet and see that it is absolutely packed to the brim with clothes that you definitely don’t want to wear any longer. But it seems like a waste doesn’t it? To just trash all of those clothes. Here are a few ideas when you’ve found yourself with heaps of clothes you no longer want to wear.

1. Donate Them
Donating clothing you no longer wear is always a great idea. That way you know that someone is getting good use out of them, and likely needs that clothing a lot more than you do.

2. Sell Them
There are so many ways to sell your old clothing. A lot of apps, such as Poshmark, allow you to sell your clothing. You can also take them to exchange stores and get a bit of money for them as well. You will likely not be getting as much money as you paid for the clothing, but hey at least it’s a little something for that dress you’ve worn once.

3. Re-vamp Them!
There are so many awesome ways to restyle clothing that you don’t think is cute anymore. Online tutorials can show you how to cut, sew, tie, tear, and color all of those clothes that are diamonds in the rough.

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