You Can Recycle Your Christmas Tree, Here’s How

Bella Breakdown

With Christmas and the holidays well in the rearview mirror, hopefully you have already taken down your Christmas tree. If you haven’t, there’s still time to recycle it! Don’t worry, if you didn’t recycle it this year, you can start a new tradition in 2018. One of the easiest ways of all is to use a fake tree, or make your own cute tree. That way, you save money and save the hassle of cutting down and recycling a tree.

Of the 33 million trees sold in North America every year, about 93% get recycled…you could increase that percentage, and here’s how!

Ways to recycle your Christmas tree:
1. Ponds, lakes, etc.: Trees make great habitats for fish and wildlife. You need permission to do so, but putting a tree in a pond or lake is a great way to keep the giving spirit going.
2. Bird feeder: Place your tree in your back yard or wooded area, and attach things that attract birds like orange slices or bird seed.
3. Plant your tree: Next year, if you have space, plant your tree so that you can replant it after the holidays and it will continue to grow.
4. Check your local recycling center: Check with your local recycling center to find drop off dates and locations for recycling your tree.

There are plenty more ways to recycle your tree, as they are biodegradable. Make next Christmas (or the previous, if you’re still rocking around the tree) a better one by recycling!

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