How To Drink All Night

Some Rules For A Dinner Party

Though Alex Grossman, creative editor at Bon Appétit, doesn’t think drinking has many rules, he says planning a dinner party does have some rules. So, if you’re going to invite guests over for an evening of food and drinks, there should be a plan in place. Thankfully, he’s got the perfect layout for how you can drink all night and not worry about abandoning the plan!

Without further ado, here’s the step by step way to drink all night:

1. Champaign is my campaign: According to Alex, every dinner party should start with some bubbly! Hand them a glass of your favorite champaign when they walk in the door and you’re already setting the tone for a good night. If they say they want something else, invite them to go make themselves a drink.

2. Invest in an ice bucket: Ice buckets are cool. They look fancy and they serve a purpose. Find wines you like for your party…don’t get too crazy about what kind of wine you get. Serve big bottles of wine and they can serve as your centerpiece!

3. Temperature matters: The biggest mistake people make when serving wine is they mess up the temperature it’s served at. Champaign should be cold…you can even stick it in the freezer for 15 minutes pre party. White wines should be refrigerator cold. Red wine should be chilled, not room temperature.

4. Keep ’em hydrated: If you’re asking people to drink with you all night, they need to have sufficient hydration! Invest in a couple of decanter and keep it filled with water for your guests.

5. Pick up the pace: Once dinner is over, drinking wine is over too. Clear out the bottles and bring out the hard stuff! People can serve themselves.

6. Enter the digestif: This is super light and doesn’t contain a lot of alcohol, so now that you’re sufficiently drunk, you don’t go too far.

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