4 Flirty Valentines Day Hacks

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Get caught by Cupid’s arrow? Make this Valentines Day extra special with these adorable beauty hacks perfect for celebrating the season of love. Just grab a few nail and hair accessories from your bag and add a little extra something for an evening out with your someone special or get noticed at your friend’s singles party.


1. Let’s start with these flirty nails! Add some adorable heart tips with this simple mani just using polish. First apply a base coat of pale pink and allow to dry. Next, using your favorite red to create to half-circles at the tips of the nails for a heart. Finish with your clear top coat and enjoy.

2. With these hair pins, the 14th is sure to be pink coated perfect. Turn any normal bobby pins you have laying around into pushing pink pins in no time. Just clip onto a paper towel and apply a coat of pink nail polish. Allow to dry and style.

3. We can’t get enough of these love laced nails. Just apply a dark grey base color and allow to dry briefly. Next wrap each finger in lave and dust shimmery shadow over the nail. Seal with a top coat and wave coyly.

4. These star eyed lids will have you sparkling with love. Just apply your favorite long-wearing eye shadow all over the lid, then take a drop of clear lip gloss – you read that right, lip gloss – and dab it over the tops of your lids.

Author: Amy

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