5 Celebrities Living The High Life In The Marijuana Industry

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Marijuana users favorite holiday “4/20” is over but there a few celebrities that are still enjoying the cannabis plant. The marijuana industry has had an uptick in success recently and you will be surprised to learn which Hollywood stars have been benefiting highly from new legalization laws.

Mike Tyson:
The former heavyweight boxing champion threw himself in a new ring by building a new 40-acre cannabis resort called, “Tyson Ranch.” The ranch will be dedicated to cultivating marijuana, train future plant growers and offers an edible factory.

Charlie Sheen:
Taking advantage of both the booming marijuana and vaping industry, the controversial actor combined the two. Launched earlier this month, Sheenius is a line of THC vape pens which offers six flavors in 20 dispensaries priced between $60-$70.

Martha Stewart:
The lifestyle expert may have learned a thing or two about the marijuana industry during her stint in prison and it shows. The television personality recently signed a deal with Canopy Growth Corp to create her own line of CBD products that are good for both humans and their “beloved pets.”

Whoopi Goldberg:
Joining the weed business early, ‘The View’ Whoopi Goldberg launched cannabis products to help with menstrual pain in 2016. The comedienne’s reason for the product, she says, is to give women the opportunity to experience relief while remaining functional.

Seth Rogen:
The actor teamed up with his longtime screenwriting partner, Evan Goldberg, to launch their own strand of Canadian marijuana called “Houseplant” in 2019. Frequent pot smoker, himself, Rogen’s company offer various strands of the drug as well as pre-rolled joints and soft gels.

Check out more info on the celebrity-endorsed cannabis products by watching the video above.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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