8 Common Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Their Sleep Habits

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Ask any health expert and they will tell you that getting a good night’s sleep is just as important to your body as the things you put inside of it. However, falling and staying asleep isn’t as easy for some as it is for others. According to one sleep consultant, these are the common mistakes people make before heading off to dreamland.

Dr. Andrea Lopez-Yianilos says that staring at a screen right before bed will throw off your body’s internal clock. Due to the blue and white light waves radiating from the screen makes your brain think the light is coming from the sun and gives signals to your body to stay awake.

So word of advice is to power down and keep electronics out of your bed for at least 30 minutes to an hour before falling asleep. That means no more, “just one more episode” of whatever you’re binge-watching.

Late night drinking and eating will also mess up your sleep cycle. If your body is busy digesting the food you just ate then it’s not going to be able to fully shut down to sleep. If you have to satisfy a hunger craving before bed at least avoid sugary snacks. The sugar can disrupt the chemicals which will cause you to wake up throughout the night.

If you’re someone who doesn’t handle stress well then be prepared to lose some sleep. Chemicals produced by stress will physically stop you from catching the Z’s you so desperately need, so try clearing your mind before bed. Download meditation apps that you can listen to before bed.

Find out more mistakes you might be making when it comes to sleeping in the video above.

Author: Lilly Roberts

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