Being A Good Girlfriend Might Not Be What You Think

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You might have a certain idea of what it takes to be a good girlfriend, I mean other than having a great partner to support and complement you. To me personally, I feel as though being supportive, kind, and baking cookies is always a great way to go. Apparently some men think differently about what they want to see in their partners.

A recent survey asked men what they like in a girlfriend and their answers were… interesting to say the least. One man described how he would prefer to have an overly jealous girlfriend. One that got extremely angry about him talking to other women. You know, like all people want in a health relationship.

Another man described how he’d prefer a hairy woman, which is actually kind of cool. A lot of women seem to be taking back the power of their body hair, and subscribing less to the notion that women with body hair are less feminine, and apparently this guy digs it.

It just goes to show that when it comes to relationships, you really can’t operate under the idea that everyone wants the same things. Some people are far more detailed in what they do or don’t enjoy in a partner.

Author: Alicia Rodriguez

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