Butt Masking Is The New Beauty Trend You May Be Surprised To Love

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Masking is obviously one of the biggest beauty trends to sweep the scene in the last couple of years. Face masks are still the number one skincare tool of choice, and while we all want to keep our faces bright and beautiful, what about other parts of our body? Right now, you can pretty much find a mask for anything, from your boobs to your butt, and they can offer a ton of great benefits!

“I am butt-obsessed,” said Sylvia Wiesenberg, the founder of Bawdy Beauty. “If I had to point to one part of my body I love the most, I’d say I love my butt. And after a while, I started thinking, Why aren’t there any products that work on this part of the body that I love so much?”

Bawdy Beauty offers a variety of masks depending on your needs, from exfoliation to collagen boosts to hydration. One of the best parts is, you can pretty much do anything in these masks, even sit down! It’s all about embracing overall beauty and having fun while you’re at it. I suggest throwing on a mask, throwing on some music and dancing around in your underwear. I promise, both you and your butt will feel better!

Author: Mei Long

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