DIY Floral Soap… Because Soap Doesn’t Have to Be Ugly!

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Soap is a must in any bathroom or kitchen. The problem is that traditional soap is ugly. The bars are usually some dull or drab color and honestly, the big “block” of soap just isn’t appealing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. This new DIY soap craft can add a little flair to your blocky soap bar.

This simple and easy to do DIY project can completely change the look of your bathroom and for a cost of next to nothing. The first step is to get the flower for the center of the soap. You can either buy a small decorative soap in the shape of your favorite flower, or you can make your own using a soap mold. Once you get the finished product the next step is to make the base of the decorative soap bar.

For the base, you will use a transparent soap in a square or round dish. This will ultimately be the shape of your soap bar. Next, you will warm up the soap until you get a nice liquid. This liquid will get poured into the mold and create the base for the shape.

After the soap base sets, put the decorative flower on top of the base. Next, you pour more transparent soap on top until you cover the flower. And after it dries, you will have a perfect decorative soap bar to make any sink, stand out.

Author: Kate Masters

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