Engaged And Completely Overwhelmed? Read This.

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A LOT of people get engaged over the holidays. Between Christmas, New Year’s and Valentine’s Day, love is in the air and couples are spending a lot of time together thinking about the future. Getting engaged is extremely exciting, but once the shock and excitement wear off, you may be feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed. If you’re feeling some of these common emotions, take a breathe, think it through, and talk it out with your significant other.

It’s Okay to Have a Long Engagement

Now that you’re engaged, you’re friends and family are probably bombarding you with questions about the wedding. Maybe you already know what you want, or maybe you have no idea, either way, it’s your day and you get to decide exactly when you’re ready. Talk it through with your fiance, and decide whether you want to wait 6 months, a year, two years, or maybe just elope and have a party later on! It’s your call.

It’s Okay to Worry About Moving In Together

If you and your partner aren’t already living together, the concept of getting engaged and moving in all at once can be overwhelming. I get it, you’re used to having your space, your partner snores and you’re not sure if you have the same cleanliness standards. One of the best pieces of advice is to find a new place together. Avoid moving in to your partner’s place or vice versa, it will be hard to completely relax unless you have a place that’s just for the two of you.

Talk About the Boring Stuff

You don’t have to do this right away, but at some point, you and your partner should sit down and have a chat about the gritty details. How will you be sharing finances? How will you split the holidays? What are your expectations for kids? How much money do you want to allocate to a wedding? Rather than letting these things bubble up, and potentially lead to disagreements down the line, talk about them upfront. This will clear the air and allow to feel more at ease about what’s to come.

Author: Phoebe Dawson

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