Fall Styles To Add To Your Wardrobe

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The best part of the weather cooling down, is that you know another season is right around the corner. This means, a whole new wardrobe. I could be wrong, but Fall is probably the season with the cutest clothes. Light sweaters, beanies, even scarves. So what are some of the Fall trends we should be looking out for in these upcoming weeks?

1. Flannel
Seriously, flannel is not only comfortable, it is insanely cute. There are all kinds of colors and ways to rock flannel. I typically like to keep at least three on rotation myself.

2. Boots
Thigh highs, booties, hiking boots, calf boots. Boots are the best Fall shoe, and can be paired with anything.

3. Dark & Warm Colors
Alright, so I didn’t necessarily give up black over Summer, however I did put away some of my warmer colors. It is time to break them out again. Burgundies, browns, deep reds, dark greens, and just your general fall colors are all appropriate. Pair your darker colors with beiges, light pinks, tans, and whites.

4. Tights & Leggings & Pants, Oh My!
Break out the tights and leggings you guys, and put away the razor. Pants season is back! It is totally acceptable to rock some long shirts over leggings, specifically a flannel. Pair some stretchy pants with cute boots, and accessories like beanies and scarves. You’ll be comfortable and cute.

Author: Haley DePass

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