Recipes That Are Perfect For The Month Of June

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Eating light and eating fresh is the theme of the summer. Instead of making those same summer dishes that you usually make during the summertime try out these recipes that are just perfect for the month of June.

If you have a Sunday brunch with your friends and you want a dish that just pops out to you with both the taste and the color then you should make an heirloom tomato and plum salad. To really bring this summer dish together, pair the ripe tomatoes with a tomato-based dressing.

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When it’s time for that summer barbecue impress your guests with an Ultimate Burger. Created by Food & Wine, this specific burger is made up of five different cuts of meat making it one of the juiciest and beefiest burger you’ll most likely ever have.

No matter what the occasion, you can never go wrong with pizza. Instead of ordering the usual greasy pie with processed tomato sauce and cheese use fresh ingredients for a summer Margherita pizza. The great thing about this dish is that you can use all of the delicious summer tomatoes that you might have lying around. Make sure you add them on last though so you can melt the mozzarella to perfection.

Author: Maya Dixon

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