The Cost Of Living Like Carrie Bradshaw In 2018

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If you’re a “Sex and the City” buff, then you’ve probably questioned the reality of Carrie Bradshaw’s lifestyle quite a bit. Even if you’re not into the popular show, which ran from 1998-2004, the idea that a writer could live the lavish life that Sarah Jessica Parker’s character did in New York City seems rather unrealistic, to say the least. It has been a plot flaw that most have ignored, because the show was just that good. But, could you replicate that lifestyle of Carrie Bradshaw and her gal pals in 2018? The answer is quite simple: you really couldn’t.

I know, I know…anything is possible. But living an upscale lifestyle in New York City, on a freelance writer’s salary is quite simply ludicrous…well, unless you don’t mind mounds of debt. Even during the show’s hayday, Bradshaw was living a life that no writer in NYC could realistically afford. That lifestyle is even more unattainable in 2018. An average freelance newspaper writer’s salary would be around $40,000 in today’s time. That’s barely enough to get by in a small apartment in NYC, let alone afford you lavish fur coats and all the heels.

In fact, that salary wouldn’t even cover living expenses in the apartment Bradshaw had during the show. It would cost around $43k annually to live in, putting you in the hole with rent alone. Let’s just say, all the Carrie fans out there will need to pick a new career avenue to live the glamorous life of the NYC icon.

Author: Daina Schnese

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