The Prettiest Autumn Manicure Trends To Try

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Bella Breakdown

Fall is almost here which means new style trends you need to make sure you try. While breaking out those UGG boots and sweaters is a no-brainer for the fall season, but here are some nail trends you need to have to go with your fall style.

You may want to keep your nail color festive but think outside of the box this year with chrome. Currently, metallic has become a big style trend so why not keep it going into fall and rock some shiny metal on your fingernails.

The ombré hair color has been a hair trend for years and now it has finally reached the nail world. It-girls around the world has been requesting autumn-hued takes on the gradient.

Negative Space:
This year has been the year of keeping things positive. Whether it’s in your personal life or otherwise keeping some type of inner peace has been something it seems everyone has been searching for. However, when it comes to your nails being negative is the way to go. The negative space nail trend is one that allows for lots of creative freedom in terms of design and color.

Author: Brittany Jones

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