Things To Consider Before Moving In

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Every relationship experiences milestones. The first time you meet each others friends and families, the first time you say “I love you”. One key milestone you and your partner might reach is moving in together. This is a really big move.

You are upping the intimacy in a major way. Just like any other milestone you hit in your relationship, it is definitely important to consider some things before you and your partner take the plunge and share an address.

1. Observe their current habits.
If you are at your partner’s place, check out what kind of living habits they have. Do they clean up after themselves if you’re eating? Is their room halfway decent? Sure, they’ll be at their best when they know you’re coming over, but little stuff tends to show itself.

2. Discuss your goals.
It is important to have a discussion about your plans and goals for the future. Living together is a huge part of this. If you aren’t on the same page, what is the point?

3. Be upfront about finances.
It is pertinent that you are honest with your partner about your finances. That way you can pick a place within your budget, and then budget together.

Author: Anastasia Smith

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