5 Family Traditions You Can Try From Around The World

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One of the most enjoyable things to have within a family is a tradition that strengthens bonds and creates unity. In this day and age, with technology and smart phones, it seems harder and harder to keep kids’ attention long enough to create worthwhile family time. These traditions from all around the world are great ideas to implement within your family, whether you’re a parent, a sibling, a child; you can use one or all of these with the ones you love. Not only will these traditions strengthen the ties within your family, but also with the world around you!

Family traditions from around the world:
1. First day of school (German): At the start of first grade, students are welcomed to the new classroom with cone-shaped buckets full of school supplies and candy. Can we have that celebration for adults…first day of work?
2. Honoring your ancestors (Japan): A lot of Japanese homes have a small family altar in the house to honor relatives who have passed away, as a sign of respect for elders.
3. Sharing stories (Trinidad): It’s common in the Trinidad culture to share culture through story-telling. In Trinidad and Tobago, stories are shared all the time, and it’s not just before bedtime!
4. Caring for animals (Indian): During many festivals throughout the year, like the Hindu festival, Thai Pongal, families feed animals to show their respect.
5. Exchanging poetry (Dutch): Exchanging personal poetry, often funny poems, is a common tradition during the winter holiday season of Sinterklaas.

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