5 Great Flowers for Brown Thumbs

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Summer gardening can be difficult, especially when the heat sabotages your plants’ growth at every turn. If you’re an amateur gardener (or a great gardener in need of recommendations!), Grumpy Gardener Steve Bender suggests these five easy plants that do really well in the summer heat and humidity.

#1 Dragon Wing Begonia

flowersforbrownthumbs1 This flower will bloom continuously all summer long as long as it has a little shade during the hottest part of the day. It does well in both a container and the garden.

#2 Zinnia

flowersforbrownthumbs2 This beautiful flower will continue to bloom week after week. It is a flower that comes in various lovely colors that you can cut to bring indoors and display in your home. It is also a favorite flower of butterflies.

#3 Angelonia

flowersforbrownthumbs3 This plant loves the heat and will bloom as long as it stays warm out. They also are easy to take care of because they don’t need lots of water.

#4 Pentas

flowersforbrownthumbs4 This is another plant that continues to bloom as long as it stays very warm out. A bonus is that butterflies love this flower.

#5 Lantana

flowersforbrownthumbs5 This is a flower that comes in lots of different colors and doesn’t require lots of care.
Enjoy your garden with these 5 flowers that are easy to take care of!

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