Can Being In Love Make You Healthier?

Bella Breakdown

While some people will be searching for the perfect beach body this summer, I’ll be searching for the perfect relationship partner. But did you know that there are signs that can point to healthy relationships leading to healthier lifestyles?

That’s right. It’s possible that the stimulation of chemicals in the brain such as dopamine that are released when you are with your significant other can put you in a more positive mental state and even encourage you to exercise more. The positivity of a healthy relationship can make you laugh more, smile often, and all of those things are good for keeping a youthful complexion.

Being love can also reduce stress. By being able to share your workload with your partner, you’ll have less time to worry about what needs to get done, and more time to focus on what you want to do. Living a happier life and reducing stress can reduce aging effects and promote longer lives.

There are so many additional effects from being in love that make me wish I was in a relationship right now. For example, increased hormone levels while being in love can make your hair shinier, increased adrenaline can make your eyes stand out more, and the overall feeling of love can give your lips a more “kissable” color.

So someone take me off the market now so I can start being more healthy; going to the gym is getting too exhausting for me.

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