Creative Ways To Reuse Food Scraps

Bella Breakdown

If you have ever worried about creating too much waste, or just wasting food in general do not fret! There are ways that you can reuse food scraps that will help you feel as though you are not throwing things out without being used to their full potential. So the next time you’re cooking, before you slide everything into the trash, here are some ways to reuse different food scraps!

1. Orange Peel
You can take a half hollowed out orange peel and fill it with oil to create a candle. The natural citrusy smell is perfect to calm your senses and make you feel good about your recycling skills.

2. Potato Skins
After you’ve peeled your potatoes, take the skins and top with oil salt and pepper. Bake in the over at 350, for 30 minutes, and enjoy some delicious potato crisps!

3. Apple Peels
If you’ve skinned an apple and left the core, boil the scraps in one cup of water until boiling. Remove the scraps with a strained ladle and add one cup of sugar until liquified. Put the juice into a covered jar and chill. You have just created yourself some delicious apple jam for the morning!

So the next time you’re in your kitchen, don’t look at your food scraps as if you’re being wasteful. Look at it as if you have a few more things you can create!

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