Decades Of Plastic Surgery Trends

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Plastic surgeons today have a reputation of being complete body artists. Shows like “Botched” show the worst of the worst plastic surgery mistakes, and how these two star doctors, Dr. Nassif & Dr. Dubrow, can transform these messes into near perfection. Plastic surgery has only recently become a rather legitimate and normalized practice. A lot of people were scoffed at for boob jobs, nose jobs, butt implants, and the like.

Plastic surgery, however has been around for a little over a century. Facial surgeries, and skin grafts were around as a procedure, specifically for war veterans, however the practice was by no means perfected. During the 30s and 40s, facial injections containing paraffin were common and ended up having horrible results, as the chemical was extremely toxic.

During the 50s & 60s, breast implants became popular, and the first silicone breast implant was introduced. The 70s brought about gender-confirmation surgeries, and breast reductions. The 80s were all about liposuction, and fat reduction. During the 90s, we saw a lot of nose jobs happening, it was popular, but people were definitely ridiculed for it.

The 2000s were the era of botox injections. You might remember a lot of shows and movies poking fun at the women who couldn’t move their faces. Now we all know 2010 is the year of the entire facial makeover. Everyone wants to get their faces fully done to match that of their favorite *enter name of Kardashian/Jenner here*.

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